Smash hit: T-Swift demolishes car with golf club in new video


Talk about a smash hit. 

In her "Blank Space" music video, which you probably haven't seen because it was accidentally released Monday and then soon thereafter taken down, a scorned Taylor Swift goes berserk on her (ex)boyfriend.

Among the ways she chooses to get even with him (what he did, we're not sure) are cutting holes in his clothes, stabbing a cake and smashing his car with a golf club.

We're not sure where Swift got the idea to attack his car, but perhaps she stole a page from another high-profile blonde. Yah know, like Carrie Underwood in "Before He Cheats." 

But then sometimes reality is better than anything you could make up.

That's why we're wondering if Swift mimicked her music video after a scene from real life.

Yah know, like when Britney Spears attacked the papparazzi with an umbrella.

We can't think of anywhere else she may have drawn inspiration, can you? 

Watch the full video below:

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