Martin's Blog - Chapter 6: Hybrids vs. Long Irons


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Cliff Notes
Martin's Precision Pointer for Hybrids and Long Irons:

1) Setup - Place a small rod in your sternum at setup. The rod should be pointing about 2 feet past the ball. If it is pointing more than 2 feet, you are standing up to tall. Any less than 2 feet, you are crouching down too much.

2) Keep Legs Steady - Lean a club against the outside of your knee on your lead leg and take a backswing. The club leaning against your leg should drop about halfway into your backswing. If the club drops sooner than that you need to steady your legs.

3) Arms Drop Like Gravity - Your downswing should be effortless like gravity is the driving force. Simply raise your arms and drop them. Transfer that feeling to your golf swing.

Facebook Question from The Class
Q: I hit the ball right down the middle with my irons but have trouble hitting the ball first then the ground for a good divot. Plus, it makes my shots shorter. Any ideas? (Richard Snell)

A: You’re probably releasing too early at the top. You need to have a more pivot dominated golf swing. Let the arms be responsive to the pivot.

Martin’s Library
“Take a Tip From Me' by Jack Nicklaus

Homework Assignment
-Wiggle Your Toes in the Setup for Balance
-Strive to Keep the Grip and Arm Pressure Constant

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Chapter 7: Chipping It Close (March 14, 2012)
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