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Weekly Fix: Exposing a common golf instruction myth

Weekly Fix 17 John
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Welcome back to Weekly Fix. I’m Tim Cooke and we’re breaking down your swings every week on in hopes of helping you play your best golf in 2013.

This week, we’re going to take a closer look at John’s golf swing.

And John appears to have fallen victim to one of the biggest myths in golf instruction, that being that you have to “keep your head down” to hit the ball solidly.

In actuality, keeping your head down too long can be a major hindrance when it comes to ball-striking, especially as it relates to your ability to rotate, which we’ll explain in this week’s video.

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In summary, some of the ideas I would suggest that everyone take away from this analysis would include the following:

• If you have trouble rotating your hips either in the backswing or through impact, flare your feet out at address and you’ll find that it’s easier to turn.

• The idea of keeping your “head down” is a myth in golf instruction. You want to keep your eye on the ball and see the clubhead strike the ball, but in doing this you should allow your head to rotate.

• If you are someone who keeps you head down too long, it will make it tough for you to rotate through the shot, which will lead to fat shots or the need to stand up out of your posture to keep from hitting behind the ball.

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s edition of Weekly Fix. Keep sending your videos to, and we’ll be back with an all-new edition next week.

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