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Watch: Pepperell compares pasta to 'buttocks' in hilarious Italian food review

Twitter/European Tour

Eddie Pepperell  usually lets people know exactly what he's thinking ... to a fault.

So when the European Tour had him sit down to review Italian food before teeing it up in the Italian Open, they probably had a solid idea of what they were going to get.

And the two-time European Tour winner did not disappoint. 

Pepperell, 28, who described himself as a full-time food expert at the beginning of the video, seemed like anything but during his meal, in which he drank wine straight from the bottle, had trouble distinguishing what kind of meat he was eating and compared pasta to his buttocks ... as a compliment.

As far as European Tour show ideas go, this may not be as good as "Monty's Pythons," but it's a close second.

Never change, Eddie.