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Pepperell apologizes to DeChambeau for name-calling

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Two days after calling Bryson DeChambeau a "twit," Eddie Pepperell is offering an apology.

Pepperell had some choice words for DeChambeau after a video surfaced Friday night of DeChambeau taking more than 2 minutes to hit an 8-foot putt, tweeting, "Just look at Tommy and Justin, both looking completely bored. Slow players do this to their playing partners making the game less enjoyable. Problem is, the unaffected single minded twit in this instance, doesn’t care much for others."

The comment was part of severe backlash directed at DeChambeau on social media, as Tour players and fans piled on.

"Eddie Pepperell, not fair to say," DeChambeau told reporters at The Northern Trust after seeing Pepperell's comments. "I would love to speak to him personally and talk about it."

On Monday morning, Pepperell took a step back. While he maintained that he wasn't sorry for his overall point, he felt bad about the particular name-calling.

"Seems my comment regarding Bryson’s slow play has garnered plenty of attention and I just want to sincerely apologise to Bryson for being personal and referring to him as a ‘twit’. That was unnecessary and something I shouldn’t have said," Pepperell tweeted.

DeChambeau has yet to respond.