One of Those Days


Reading the situation and making good decisions are big keys to performing well on Big Break, especially early in the season when your advancement depends on fewer shots. On the small scale this applies to shot-making.  On the grand scale of Indian Wells, your game strategy as far as money is concerned is vitally important.  

The “Flop Wall” challenge asked each competitor to make a situational judgment. Take your first result, against your perception of the future results of the field, or spend the money to hit again and take the risk of a worse result. How important is immunity against the money you might risk on a second chance? I was definitely surprised by how conservatively the earlier competitors played the situation. We had some guys sitting on big numbers early in the challenge, so the guys at the end of the order had a lot of room to work with. Will made the best of it with the hole-out. Carl, the player with the least golf under his belt, advanced in impressive style. We’ll see how far his mental edge can take him.  

We got to Elimination, and Robert just had a nightmare in the bunker. Anyone who’s played the game has been in his shoes, only most of us have the good fortune to do it in front of our buddies, and it doesn’t cost us anything more than pride, and maybe a meal back at the clubhouse.