To Putt or Not to Putt?


Was it Shakespeare who said “To putt or not to putt?” Oh wait, maybe that was another thing, but either way it certainly applies. When we set up the “Up and Down” Challenge for this show, I can specifically remember standing at the third location and thinking, “nah.... nobody will try and putt it from here.” Well, I’m here to humbly admit that I stand corrected. Not only did Oren putt it from there, but he did so with incredible touch and accuracy. The shot measured 42 yards by the way. That’s a long putt under good circumstances. Throw in 36 yards of fairway to negotiate and it just becomes downright impressive. We won’t talk about the missed two-and-a-half footer because the 42 yarder was just so darn good.

Oh hey! So how about Petey playing his way back onto the show?? Here is a little “insider” information for you: When we originally constructed the final challenge for Petey to play his way through the guys still on the show, it was going to be a night challenge. There is a mini-golf putting course at Indian Wells and it’s real grass. And the greens are identical to how they are on the course. But the cool part is, the putting course is lit. So Petey was going to have to play a hole of mini-golf against each guy with a tie worth half a point and a win worth a full point. What we DIDN’T account for was we were shooting the show in January in the desert and when the sun goes down so does the temperature, but it was an uncharacteristically super cold night that was forecasted so we had to change it up at the last minute. But it would have been pretty sweet. Either way, Petey definitely earned it and even though the guys in the house aren’t too happy about his triumphant return, I can promise you Petey will give them every reason to justify those sentiments.

Also, for those of you who were cool enough to read my blog from Show Three entitled “The Oddest Couple”, I mentioned some more updates on the Carl/Shank relationship. Well, in a conversation I had with Shank during this show he told me that when he gets home he is going to change his life, all because of Carl’s influence. A promise that I think everyone smiled and patted him on the back for, but let’s be honest, we’ve all made New Year’s resolutions that haven’t quite panned out. I’m not going to give anything away, but STAY TUNED - - we have recently obtained video of the new and improved Shank that is truly remarkable.

We’re over the hump! And the action is just getting started!