Still a Show Even for the Little Guys


2007 PGA Merchandise ShowORLANDO, Fla. -- You would guess that with this being the 54th PGA Merchandise Show, there couldn't possibly be anymore new golf stuff making its way into the market.
Well, you would've guessed wrong. The 'stuff' just keeps on coming.
Yes, yes, there's still the sideshow for the 'little guys':

Turf Trike
The Turf Trike
Turf Trike
You like the fitness that comes with cycling and yet love the fun that comes with playing the generally thought of lazy sport of golf? Well, look no further than Turf Trike - where cycling meets golf! Designed with three wheels - two in front and one in back, the surprisingly easy-on-the-eye Turf Trike touts itself as a way to get in better shape, increase the pace of play and generally have a more enjoyable round of golf than you've ever experienced.
'It's a very different round when you take one of these out to the course,' said founder and president Jason Deal. 'There's a really different flow to the game.'

The Basket Gallery
The booming gift basket industry has obviously come into play for golfers - or perhaps more accurately - golfers' spouses or significant others. With well over 20 golf-related baskets offered, it's an easy and convenient choice for any gift-giving occasion the golfer in your life. Take the 'Grand Slam': McDuffer reusuable tin of cocktail snacks, 19th Hole golf snacks, 2 acrylic wine glasses, Wine, Pasta salad, Popcorn & Pretzel snacks, Wine cheese, Sleeve of your logo golf balls, Walkers shortbread, Solid chocolate golf shoe, and a sleeve of Chocolate golf balls.

The Matworks
Too much dirt being brought into your home or car? Or maybe you just want a nice mat to show off at the entrance of your game room? Matworks offer custom-designed floor mats that will accentuate your yacht, home, auto, or business. Whether it be your country club, home course or even the site of a major championship you attended, you can impress your guests with a great first impression.

Lets face it, sooner or later everyone gets caught in the rain, and even today some courses still don't have the rain protectors and the back of the cart. With Rainwedge you can use it either walking or on a cart and the set up is simple and effective. Working just like many of the rain-protectors and the back of regular carts, the Rainwedge is designed for just your back, offering a retractable rod system that keeps the hood away from your clubs, making club selection a breeze.

Launcher Tee
This hybrid-type tee is made from a semi-soft composite and features a 36 percent smaller 'ball seat' area than a regular wooden tee. So? So, it translates to less resistance and friction from the driver, and ideally longer drives off the tee. And maybe the biggest bonus is its durability - no more grabbing a new tee out of your bag after every hole. Or better yet, give one to that annoying partner of your's who is seemingly always asking for one on every tee box.
Legendary Headwear
Aaahh, brilliant! Like an idea I coulda, woulda and shoulda came up with - but, like normal, didn't - it's a simple solution to the style and love one has to the bucket hat on the golf course, but without its interfering line of sight. With its completely one-of-a-kind-style, the uniquely infused traditional-curved baseball cap prevents obstruction from the wearer's sight line while keeping the sun and/or rain off the ears and neck. Without question, one of the coolest 'new' things I ran into this PGA Show. It's called the 'Albatross.'
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