Youve Come a Long Way Baby


2007 PGA Merchandise ShowORLANDO, Fla. -- If a golf ball had to chose which club in the bag he'd most like to be best friends with, it would undoubtably go with the putter. The putter is assuredly the easiest on the dimples and most often the one club getting him to his favorite hang out - the bottom of the cup.
The driver might argue his case by saying it has the ability to launch the little fella 300-plus yards down the fairway, and a wedge might state that it can take it 'dancing,' but the relationship between putter and ball is secure. The putter and the ball come together more often during a round than any other combo - just ask Dave Pelz.
Thank goodness the ball is still round, as the putter might have trouble recognizing his mate what with all the changes that have happened to the ball in the past 10 years or so. With new technologies and new materials, today's golf ball has been transformed dramatically, although the end result of longer and straighter has stayed the same.
Here's a look at some of the latest offers coming out from the leaders in golf balls and putters:
Golf Balls
Callaway HX Hot
Callaway's HX Hot Ball.
Callaway has come out with the new ball called the HX Hot which retails for $24.99. A high-resilience core boosts ball speed, resulting in more distance for the widest range of swing speeds. An Ionomer cover reduces spin off the driver for long, penetrating trajectory.
The HX Hot is on fire. At $24.99 (a dozen) we have found a sweet spot in the market,' said one Callaway rep.
The new Srixon Z-URC and Z-URS golf balls, at $40 a dozen, tied for the highest rated Tour Performance balls in the Performance category on the 2007 Golf Digest Hot List, and were rated outstanding in Technology/Preference/Value. With a new technologically advanced cover, thinner mid-layer and larger core, the new Z-URS is the latest addition to Srixons world-wide Tour winning golf balls. Touted as a golf ball that has more ball velocity and greenside spin and control.
The Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls are the well-known No. 1 choice on worldwide tours. It's designed for serious golfers with a wide range of launch conditions seeking Tour-level technology and Tour-proven performance. The Titleist Pro V1 golf ball provides improved launch conditions for longer distance while maintaining superior Drop-and-Stop performance into and around the green.
'Whether the focus is on optimizing performance at the highest levels of the game or improving the performance for aspirational golfers seeking to achieve a competitive advantage and advance their games, golfers will soon experience New Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls that are better than ever from tee-through-green,' commented George Sine, Vice President, Golf Ball Marketing and Strategic Planning, Acushnet Company.
With a 312-dimple pattern with five different dimple sizes designed for more carry and distance, the Nike Juice 312 is also is in the value range at $20 a dozen. It has a perfectly spheroidal Surlyn caplet embedded with hundreds of sculpted recessions to control directional agitation and wind puncture.
Bridgestone Golf
Bridgestones polymer science technologies deliver a revolutionary golf ball in the Tour B330. Engineered for serious players and Tour professionals seeking exceptional distance, accuracy and soft feel. Soft Urethane outer cover with seamless 330 dimple design is for pinpoint accuracy. $40 a dozen.
Odyssey Tri-Ball
The Odyssey Tri-Ball SRT Putter.
The Odyssey Tri-Ball SRT putter features a higher MOI for a straighter back and through stroke, and a lightweight body for precise balance. The Tri-Ball alignment system allows for better visualization for more accuracy. The face is made with milled steel place inside their well-known urethane insert to create Dual Insert Technology. Retails for $200.
Mizuno teamed-up with world-famous putter designer Bob Bettinardi to produce a new series of putters. The A-Series is designed for the player that prefers the look and feel of a mallet style putter in their hands. The A-Series consists of two face-balanced, Moment of Inertia, mallet-style putters milled from 6061T6 Aluminum. Each A-Series putter features a low, deep Center of Gravity and Bettinardi's patented Honeycomb Face for consistent ball striking and the truest roll in the game and 'gives you the confidence, feel, and consistency to sink more putts.'
The dual-durometer insert of the G5i Series provides the feel and distance control golfers long for on putts of all lengths. The combination of the soft perimeter and firm impact area means golfers can lag with confidence and be firm when it counts the most. Retails for around $115. The putter's reputation for quality and consistency is furthered by the precision machined insert cavity.
With a typical putter, backspin is produced at impact, which makes the ball skid and bounce before forward roll begins. That skidding and bouncing can rock the ball off-line to the left or right, and can cause the putt to come up short of the intended target. The new Rossa CGB with ASGI (Anti-skid Groove System) is engineered to reduce backspin and promote forward spin earlier in the shot for enhanced distance-control and accuracy. Retails for $110.
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