Bridgestone updates e-Series ball line


Data from 40,000-plus fittings has convinced the ball barons at Bridgestone Golf that more golfers are paying attention to what their ball is doing in the air and how that’s impacting their performance. So the company has updated its popular e-series distance-performance balls to concentrate on trajectory.

Many recreational players need to get some air under the ball, Bridgestone scientists reasoned, so the 2010 version of the e5 has shallower, larger dimples to encourage a higher ball flight. The two-piece ball also features a urethane cover, prized by many for its short-game feel. For golfers plagued by hooks and slices, Bridgestone suggests the e6, whose inner layer cuts down on sidespin. Still other players aren’t height-challenged; many of them like a lower, more boring trajectory. The e7, which is a little firmer than the other models, provides this, Bridgestone says.

The updated e-series balls will be in stores Nov. 1. Suggested retail price per dozen will be $38, but expect a “street price” of around $27.