Club Glove releases two creative bag solutions


ORLANDO, Fla. – Club Glove, golf’s preeminent luggage company has some new products for 2010 that are worth mentioning.

First is Train Reaction, a simple plastic device that connects almost all types of rolling luggage, allowing you to tow your suitcase, computer bag and golf clubs with one hand. Gone, finally, are the days of racing through the airport with boths hands towing the luggage, and your cell phone tucked helplessly between your shoulder and ear. Train Reaction retails for $19.95.

Club Glove also has a new line of golf bags that contains a removable side pocket for easy embroidery. Want to rep your golf course one week and your favorite sports team the next? The removable side pocket feature applies to all of Club Glove’s new golf bags for 2010, and debuts in May.