KBS shafts offer customization


Golfers like style as much as the next person, which is one reason why customization has become all the rage in recent years. Whether it’s a favorite team logo on a pair of shoes or a set of initials on a putter face, the trend is toward making a statement, and players now have one more place to go for that option – KBS shafts.

KBS is the name of a high performance steel shaft line developed by noted designer Kim Braly for the FST shaft company. This spring, it introduced the KBS Custom Lab, through which golfers can customize their wedge shafts in a variety of ways.

Start with the flex of the shafts, which come in regular, stiff and extra stiff, and their actual finish, either black pearl or silver pearl. Once those choices are made, the grip color may be selected from five options: red, orange, green, blue and black. Label colors are also a possibility with red, orange, green and blue available. The hue of the ferrule may also be picked out.

KBS shafts can be personalized through laser etching, and the Custom Lab gives players the ability to say something on each one in a maximum of 18 characters, which generally runs from two to three inches in length. No profanity, please, it asks.

According to company officials, these customizations not only add a bit of panache to a golfer’s wedge but also do so without adding more than one gram of weight to the shafts themselves, which they feel is an important consideration when it comes to maintaining the highest possible performance.

To access the KBS Custom Lab, it is simply a matter of putting in the information on the website, and there is no need to download any software to complete an order.

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