Pinnacle introduces five new balls


Er, pardon the pun…but look how far distance balls have come. Pellets that were once derided as rocks are getting more fairway cred every year. Pinnacle, the long-time distance brand from Titleist maker Acushnet (and the leader in the distance market) succeeded a few years back in repositioning itself with the tagline, “Distance doesn’t have to be hard.” Its Exception and Platinum balls did well in the market.

Now Pinnacle is charting its next step. Starting October 1, the Platinum product will give way to the Dimension line. The dimensions are in the cover, Pinnacle says: distance, durability and dispersion. An icosahedral pattern of 332 dimples optimizes flight, Pinnacle says. As expected, the core is large and responsive. Look for a price of between $15 and $18 per dozen.

In the established Pinnacle Gold family, the company will offer an improved Gold Precision ball and a new Gold Distance product. There will also be a new women’s model, the Ribbon, in white and lavender pearl finishes. Both the Golds and the Ribbons will also be $15-$18, but that’s for a 15-ball package, not a dozen.