More time spent controlling trajectory on todays golf balls


ORLANDO, Fla. – Jack Nicklaus has been a long-time proponent of changing the golf ball because it travels too far. According to the man who is chasing his major championships record, the ball is also flying much straighter today, taking away some of the advantage that the best shotmakers have.
'I grew up maneuvering the ball, but it doesn't move as much now,' Tiger Woods said during his Wednesday afternoon press conference at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. 'Hank [Haney] and I were talking about this not too long ago. The game has changed with the new golf balls because the ball doesn't move from right to left or left to right as much as it used to.'
Woods says that he spends more time today on controlling trajectory than he does shaping his shots.
'Shotmaking is more about trajectory now, moving the ball up and down to control your distances, rather than shaping the ball into the wind like you used to,' said Woods. 'It's changed a little bit and, obviously, you have to change with the times.'