Monterey Peninsula - Top 5 Restaurants


Carmel, Monterey, Pebble Beach... There are plenty of quaint little Burroughs on the Monterey Peninsula in which you'll find decadent seafood, delicious wine, sudsy beer, and all the 19th-hole banter you can handle. Hey, you might even bump into local resident, Clint Eastwood. Sweater around the shoulders, comb-over and loafers suggested, but not required.

No. 5
jack londons
Jack Londons Grill & Taproom
One of the great golf bars in America, Jack Londons has been a staple in the Carmel area for more than 30 years. Live music permeates this mahogany-filled bar, which has evolved from a small, 50-seat pub to one of the night hot spots of Carmel. Hang around here long enough and youll probably bump into your caddy from earlier in the day; its popular among locals and tourists alike. Dolores St & 5th Ave, Carmel, Calif. - (831) 624-2336

No. 4
hogs breath inn
The Hogs Breath Inn
Opened in 1986 by former Carmel mayor and silver screen icon, Clint Eastwood, Hogs Breath has a unique outdoor setting with a huge mural and a multitude of fireplaces to keep you toasty well into the evening hours. This is my favorite place on the Peninsula to enjoy a post-round cigar and cocktail. 5th & San Carlos, Carmel, Calif. - (831) 625-1044

No. 3
sardine factory
Sardine Factory
If you have a large group, call ahead and ask about the availability of The Wine Cellar. While the formal setting and white-gloves service is high-end, the portions are large and youre perfectly fine in khakis and a golf shirt. If youre a wine connoisseur youve got to go. 701 Wave St, Monterey, Calif. - (831) 373-3775

No. 2
pebble beach club 19
Club XIX at The Lodge
The stunning views of Pebbles finishing hole give Club XIX a unique ambiance thats a must for any Pebble-goer. Although its expensive and only open for dinner, its one of the best 19th holes in the world. Even if they just served hot dogs and nachos, this place would still be one of my favorites. 1700 17 Mile Dr, Pebble Beach, Calif. - (831) 625-8519

No. 1
monterey fish house
Monterey Fish House
For one of the most modestly-priced seafood restaurants on the Peninsula, be sure and stop at Monterey Fish House. The clam chowder is excellent, and the scallops will literally melt in your mouth. Its a favorite among locals. You could argue other places are just as good, but when you add up the food, modest price, local flair and Sailfish-fast service, it gets my #1 vote. 2114 Del Monte Ave, Monterey, Calif. - (831) 373-4647