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Welcome to the Road Trip Myrtle Beach blog, where you'll find updates and previews for the six-week-long series of webisodes that are running in the Courses & Travel section of

Welcome to Road Trip Myrtle Beach, the online version. For the next six weeks Charlie Mr. Myrtle Beach Rymer and I will take you on a tour of Myrtle Beach, one of golfs ultimate road trip destinations. From Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, to the 65,000-square-foot Martins PGA Tour Superstore, to the best restaurants and bars, well cover everything that makes Myrtle Beach the true Grand Strand of golf.
In episode one we take a look back at Golf Channels hit TV series, Road Trip Myrtle Beach. In case you missed it, Road Trip Myrtle Beach took Charlie and three of his friends on a road trip through all 60+ miles of Myrtle Beachs Grand Strand. Charlie hit the pavement in his red convertible with musicians Josh Kelley and Mark Bryan, as well as the beautiful and talented Perry Swenson. The foursome enjoyed golf, sweet tea, and friendly competition along the way.
In this weeks webisode, Charlie will reveal his Top-5 favorite Must sees of Myrtle Beach. Be sure to check out the Courses & Travel section of each Monday for a new webisode. Trust me, when Charlie Rymer is involved you never know what to expect
' Erik Peterson
Posted Jan. 19