More last-minute Halloween ideas



If you don’t already have a costume for this weekend’s ghoulish festivities you’re not alone. I’m always last-minute when it comes to mine. I did try to be proactive about it this year and compiled a golf Halloween costume idea list a couple weeks ago for the Shag Bag. I’m continuing to mull over the perfect costume (there’s still a little time), but I’ve come up with a few more ideas.

Cigar Guy
: This guy has been everywhere. Don a white collared shirt, dark crewneck sweater, warm zip-front jacket, dark pants, a Groucho Marx-style mustache, a curly long haired red wig `a la Miguel Angel Jiminez pulled back into a low ponytail, and a cigar.

- Elin: There are a few different ways you can go with this one. There’s Elin Woods or the newly restored Elin Nordegren. The married Elin look was portrayed well in the SNL spoof by Blake Lively. For this wear a Nike hat, big sunglasses, a tank top covered with a long open sweater, Nike running shoes, blonde wig cut just past the shoulders, and of course you can carry a cell phone and a 9-iron. Divorced Elin modifies the look by wearing anything but Nike and carries around Tiger’s checkbook.

- The Flying Molinaris: Obviously you need a partner in crime for this one to go as Edoardo and Francesco. This is a good homemade one where you can take shirts and adorn with Italian flags and a Ryder cup logo. To complete the look wear a pair of wings and/or tights or leggings like a circus act.

- U.S. Ryder Cup team’s raingear: Kraig Kann suggested this one on the 'Grey Goose 19th Hole' on Wednesday. Show up soaking wet in a dark jumpsuit (you can adorn with white rings around one pant leg and the shoulders) with your name and USA plastered on the back. If you need a group costume idea this is a good one!