Teeing up for Halloween


As the air starts to cool and I find myself having to book tee times a little bit earlier to fit in the whole 18, it's a sure sign that autumn is here and kids will be knocking on my door looking for candy I kind of want to keep for myself.

And so, the pressure is heaped on me once again, to top the Halloween costume I donned this time last year.

Now, ladies usually have two choices when it comes to seasonal fancy dress ... we can go humorous, clever and oh-so very witty with our creations – or we can do 'sexy' versions of, well, pretty much anything. And, of course, I'm a golf nut so before I resort to googleing 'sexy green keeper Halloween costume,' maybe you can help me compile a list of clever golfing costumes for 2010!

So far, here’s my list of the best contenders for my costume and how to assemble. Plays on words are the best!

- Winged Foot: Buy a small pair of angel wings and attach to ankle

- St. Andrews: Wear a halo and a nametag that says “Andrew”

- The Blue Monster: Blue clothing with a monster mask

- Taylor Made: Easy, throw on a nice fitted suit and draw on chalk lines (could take it a step farther and be the “Burner” in which case I’d carry a lighter)

- Bermuda rough: Bermuda shorts with messed up hair

- Claret jug: Red clothing with a milk jug

- Tiger Woods: Wear a costume of a tiger (or paint face with tiger stripes) and attach tree air fresheners to body

- Perkins waitress: No explanation needed

- Dustin Johnson: Carry a golf club, a sand pail and a shovel

- Graeme McDowell (G-Mac): Carry a golf club, a pint of Guinness and a Big Mac

- Jim Furyk: Carry a golf club and tack an insane amount of monopoly money and an alarm clock to clothing

- The letter Q: Wear a PGA Tour shirt with a big “Q” written on it (so…you may need an explanation for this one…if you remember, the letter “Q” was the only sponsor the PGA Tour had left on the Saturday Night spoof it did on Tim Finchem in the aftermath of Tiger’s Thanksgiving night accident)

- Winn Grips: Simple for me, I just wear gloves, you may need a nametag