Horschel may have missed Ryder Cup for baby


ATLANTA – Back in 1979, Tom Watson was prepared to compete in the Ryder Cup before withdrawing from the competition to witness the birth of his first child.

If there’s anyone who could sympathize with Billy Horschel, it’s him.

Watson has been criticized for making his picks two weeks too early, which prevented him from having the recent two-time champion on the team. But with Horschel’s wife, Brittany, expecting the couple’s first child that week, it might be a moot point anyway.

“I honestly wasn't going to play the Ryder Cup if we couldn't induce labor early,” he explained after winning the FedEx Cup. “The birth of my child – my first child – I wanted to be there for her and be there for our baby girl. But you know, when I started playing bad this year, I sort of put it out of my mind that I wasn't going to be picked. And obviously I wasn't picked, and it's going to work out perfectly.”