Bishop reflects on impeachment in blog post


While nearly two weeks since he was removed as president of the PGA of America, Ted Bishop isn't quite done reflecting on actions that led to his demise.

Penning a lengthy post Tuesday on his personal blog entitled "The first day of the rest of my life," Bishop recounted his ill-fated comments on social media, where he called Ian Poulter a "Lil Girl" on Twitter and expanded those views on Facebook. The remarks precipitated his unceremonious exit on Oct. 24, less than one month before his term was set to expire.

"My intent was to say that Poulter's recent remarks about Tom Watson and Nick Faldo were childish. Sexist? Honestly, that thought never occurred to me," Bishop wrote. "My term was scheduled to end on November 22, itself an infamous day. I shot myself 29 days ahead of schedule."

Bishop spoke about his exit last week on "Morning Drive," but his recent blog post takes on a more aggressive tone toward the PGA of America. Bishop described the media release the organization offered on his behalf as "a rather impersonal and vanilla statement," adding that the PGA "denied" him an opportunity to make an on-camera apology.

"I took this (position) on because I loved the PGA and what it stands for," he wrote. "Do I still love the PGA? Honestly, not as much."

Bishop also explained that one of the first people to offer consolation after his removal was an unlikely ally - Glen Nager, the former head of the USGA and a man with whom Bishop battled in 2013 over the proposed ban on anchoring. 

"Nager's departure from the USGA was nearly as tumultuous as mine was from the PGA," Bishop wrote. "Both of us won't be seen at future events for our respective associations. Neither care. We were outspoken and progressive leaders for organizations we once loved."