Feherty backs Tiger, says parody was 'mean-spirited'


David Feherty said Wednesday that it’s “always been open season” on Tiger Woods but that Hall of Fame writer Dan Jenkins and Golf Digest crossed the line with the satirical piece that touched on Woods’ failed marriage, fired employees and reputation as a bad tipper. 

“I think I would be upset,” Feherty said on the “Dan Patrick Show”. “It was mean-spirited and not particularly funny.”

On Tuesday, Woods penned an impassioned response to the parody, which he described as a “grudge-fueled piece of character assassination.”

Feherty came to the former world No. 1’s defense, saying that Woods has granted more interviews than any other player over the past two decades, answering a barrage of questions from the “forest of idiots,” himself included.   

“Seeing him go through that after every round, we just wore him out with it,” Feherty said. “His remarks taken out of context and used against him and all sorts of things.

“He was never particularly good at representing himself. I would love to be able to show the side of him that I know to people. … He’s been badly represented and he’s not great at representing himself. He’s good at a lot of things, (but) it’s not that.”

Feherty said that Golf Digest never would have published the piece six years ago – when Woods was still a playing editor for the magazine – because “it wasn’t in their best interests at all.” He added, “I’m not sure if it’s in their best interests now.”

“I didn’t think I ever would, but I’ve kind of felt sorry for him, certainly on occasions,” Feherty said. “This latest thing, bringing up the fire hydrant and the divorce, like, really? Have we not heard enough of that?” 

Here's the full interview (start at 2:25):