SwingFix analysis: Maintaining posture throughout


One of the biggest differences that you see between professionals and top amateurs as compared to average golfers is posture and most notably how much better a top player is at maintaining their posture throughout their swing.

Madison does a lot of good things in her swing, but she’s coming out of her posture and moving into the ball on her downswing, which is leading to off-center hits and a lack of consistency, especially late in rounds as fatigue sets in.

In this swing analysis, SwingFix instructor Tyrus York uses six-time major champion Nick Faldo as a great example of how to stay in your posture throughout the golf swing, something that would benefit Madison’s game greatly.

One of the great things you can do with your own videos, as York does in this analysis, is to draw vertical lines along your forehead and rear end before you start your swing to see if you are staying in your posture during your swing.

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