SwingFix analysis: Proper backswing sequencing


A word you’ll often hear golf professionals associate with both the backswing and downswing is sequence.

What “sequence” actually means as it relates to the golf swing, however, remains a mystery to many average golfers, who don't understand how they should go about properly sequencing their backswing and downswing.

C.J. is fighting inconsistency with his ball-striking and one of the main reasons is that he’s not properly sequencing his backswing.

In this swing analysis, SwingFix instructor Tim Cooke shows C.J. that he’s turning his entire body too quickly in his takeaway and backswing, which is getting the club off plane and moving his upper body back and away from the ball, both of which are creating issues in the downswing and at impact.

These are problems that are common among players of all ability levels, so watch this video and you can learn a lot about sequencing that will help your own game.

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