Something crazy about Hawaii


There's something crazy about Hawaii.

I would say that most of us from a very early age just know that we eventually want to go to Hawaii. Whether it’s for a honeymoon, a golf trip or a place to surf some amazing waves, it's pretty much on everyone’s Top 10 list. Typically, I shy away from those destinations that everyone wants to visit. Maybe it's just that I want to see something seemingly untouched when I'm traveling or that I love that amazing feeling of journeying through an area that’s off the beaten path.

At first, Hawaii was one of those places to me, but it only took moments to make me a changed person! It’s truly a gem. Each Island we visited really did have something unique to offer. I felt like I was in paradise (there, I said it)! Even though we kicked off the trip with some rain in Kauai (we even had to let the rain pass a few times to get that 'perfect' shot), there wasn't much that could dampen our spirits in a place of such majestic beauty. That's rare. Trust me! A production crew loaded down with cameras, gear, etc., is never down to just wait it out.

My must-do in Hawaii (and I say this with caution, because it’s not for the faint of heart): Jump off of Black Rock or at least catch the ceremony. It is adventure and Hawaiian culture, all in one!

Best time to go: I would say November, and only because we missed whale watching by two weeks, and you don't want to miss what one local put as 'Whale Soup' in the ocean.

My Guest List: Your significant other, or better yet, bring another couple you both enjoy spending time with! That way, even if your better half doesn't want to play a round or two of golf, they'll have a buddy, and everybody wins! Yeah, you're welcome, guys.