All but forgotten


Last week Adam Scott rolled in to San Antonio as one of the 'big names' in a field that didn't have as many as they’d have liked.

Most people remember the Alamo in San Antonio, but everybody had forgotten about Scott.

Six Tour wins going in, winner at The Players as a young 20-something. But this sport is defined by its major champions and the once-tabbed 'Great Scott' has never been 'great,' or even 'good' in the big ones. Hey, at least Sergio has had a few close calls, right.

So who's at fault? The media for overhyping him or the player for under-delivering? Good question, but Scott doesn't have to worry about the hype-meter any longer and that'll probably help him get a major or two in the long run. 

In the short term, any PGA Tour win is great for Scott and it's not bad for the Tour either. Hey Sergio. Tag, you're it!