Spike mark: Palmer drink to add alcohol version


On the heels of the popular line of Arnold Palmer half-and-half drinks produced by Hornell Brewing Company, the lemonade-and-iced-tea mix will now be sold as a malt beverage with alcohol content.

Arnold Palmer Hard Malt will be sold by the same company, containing Arizona iced tea and lemonade, as well as 5 percent alcohol by volume. The drink will come in 24 oz. cans, similar to how the non-alcoholic version of the drink is often sold.

The line of non-alcoholic Arnold Palmer beverages was originally introduced with dry packets to mix with water. It has since expanded to include bottles and cans in various sizes, including a zero-calorie option. The lemonade – including a new pink lemonade option – has also been paired with various flavored teas, including pomegranate and peach.

The alcoholic drink is currently available in 14 states and soon will be available nationwide.