Ben Crane comedy section may be coming to a video store near you


Ben Crane’s wildly popular spoof on workout videos may be just the first in comedy releases by the veteran PGA Tour pro.

Crane has created a large new following that’s hungry for more, and Crane’s eager to deliver.

Crane’s agent, Tommy Limbaugh of 4U Management, said Monday that Crane and his pals who helped make the video are working up some ideas for future video releases on Crane’s web site (

“Ben’s really excited about the reaction,” Limbaugh said.

Crane’s currently on vacation, but Limbaugh said the interview requests he’s getting for Crane are stacking up as he waits for Crane's return.

“We don’t have an exact number on the hits the video has received, but it’s in the millions,” Limbaugh said.

Crane’s staid image is a stark contrast to what comes out in the video. Crane's deadpan delivery is part of what makes the video work.

'You are born with your workout,' Crane tells viewers.

Limbaugh said Crane wanted golf fans to see another side of him, so he teamed with a close friend, Sam Martin, and Crane’s caddie, Joel Stock, to make the 70-second spoof.

“If you listen real closely at the end, you can hear somebody unable to control their laughing in the background,” Limbaugh said. “That’s Joel.”

It was not the first comedy video Crane’s created. Crane told Golf World’s web site that he made a funny video to show as a birthday gift for a friend, Mike Meldman, CEO of Discovery Land Co. Actor George Clooney was among celebrities who saw Crane's comedy work at Meldman's birthday party.

“He said we made the party,” Crane said.