Blackwolf Run's final-round course setup


KOHLER, Wis. – For the most dedicated fans of women’s golf, here are the U.S. Golf Association’s notes on Sunday’s course setup at Blackwolf Run.

The course is set up at 6,788 yards, almost 50 yards longer than Saturday. Notably, the tees at the sixth hole are up at 136 yards. It played 207 yards from the back tees on Saturday.

Hole-by-Hole Information:

Hole 1 (par 4) – 349 yards. Hole location is tucked middle, left and protected by overhanging trees on the left side of the green. Very slippery putt coming from right to left.

Hole 2 (par 5) – 525 yards. Hole location is middle, right of the green on a little plateau near the right greenside bunkers. A great hole location to see the longer hitters chase a 2nd shot to green.

Hole 3 (par 4) – 442 yards. Hole location is on a small little tier in the middle, right-hand side of the putting green. Tee markers have been pushed up 16 yards from the 455-yard tee sign.

Hole 4 (par 4) – 341 yards. Hole location is middle, left and quite accessible. Birdies may be plentiful here.

Hole 5 (par 4) – 424 yards. Hole location is deep into this green and isolated in the center, back right portion. Players may choose to play further to the left off the tee in order to get the best angle to this location.

Hole 6 (par 3) – 136 yards. (Hole played to 207 yards Saturday). This short shot looks scarier than it actually is especially since this green is the softest on the course.

Hole 7 (par 5) – 579 yards. The 590-yard teeing ground is in use today, and the tee markers are up two paces in front of it. A front, right hole location will really bring the large bunker into play. However, a well struck shot left of the flag will funnel down towards the hole.

Hole 8 (par 3) – 179 yards. The 180-yard teeing ground is in use today, and the hole location is in the back, left portion of the putting green. Players will have to play over the left-hand portion of the tree fronting the green in order to get in close to this hole.

Hole 9 (par 4) – 378 yards. Hole location is front, center, which is similar to the location when the Women’s Open was played here in 1998.

Hole 10 (par 5) – 568 yards. Hole location is back, left and will be tough to get to as the green starts to fall towards the river.

Hole 11 (par 4) – 368 yards. Hole location is middle, front.

Hole 12 (par 4) – 452 yards. The 447-yard teeing ground is in use again today to a hole location back left that will allow players to easily chase the ball up.

Hole 13 (par 3) – 189 yards. The 179-yard teeing ground is in use today, and the hole location is in the back, right portion of the green. The player’s view from the tee of the flagstick is just screaming, “Do anything but hit it right.”

Hole 14 (par 4) – 331 yards. The 342-yard teeing ground is in use today to a front, right hole location.

Hole 15 (par 4) – 350 yards. The 350-yard teeing ground is being introduced on this hole today to give the players a little better chance of getting at a front, left hole location tucked behind the greenside bunker.

Hole 16 (par 5) – 567 yards. The tee markers have been moved back to the 560-yard area, and players will benefit from a slight north wind on this hole. The hole location today is back, right, so it is envisioned that many players will be able to go for this green in two.

Hole 17 (par 3) – 182 yards. The 172-yard teeing ground is in use today, and the hole location sits in the back, left portion of this green. Players will have to contend with the water hazard more than any other day this week.

Hole 18 (par 4) – 422 yards. The hole location is middle, back on this green, likely the same spot that it was in 1998 during the final round. The 419-yard teeing ground is being introduced today to allow players to take a more aggressive approach to this left hole location and maybe make a birdie on a hole that wasn’t giving many of them out this week.