Car accident only a bump in the road for Bettencourt


Matt Bettencourt and his wife were making the drive to Hilton Head Island, SC, to play in the Heritage this week when the two of them were involved in a car accident.

Fortunately, the Bettencourts were not injured in the wreck and – coincidentally – Matt went out on Thursday and shot 6-under 66 to place himself one shot off of the clubhouse leader Garrett Willis.

After his Thursday round, Bettencourt described the accident.

“A camper shell fell off the pickup in front of us. And we were coming over a blind curve on Interstate 26. There was nowhere for us to go. There was a big rig to the side of us, so I just plowed into it. Pretty much totaled the vehicle,” he described.

And what vehicle was it? A BMW, supplied to him through a sponsor deal with BMW Manufacturing. The agreement aside, he credits the car for keeping him and his wife safe.

“Probably if it wasn’t for the safety of BMWs, we would have been in serious trouble.”

The accident occurred just 15 minutes into the couple’s drive, so their in-laws helped out.

“Our in-laws don’t live too far from there. We were on the road 15 minutes. They came and picked my wife up. I waited around, finished the police report.”

As for the matter of getting a new car, the BMW plant was also 5 minutes away from home.

“I got towed back to BMW’s manufacturing plant, which is 15 minutes from where we were, and five minutes from our house. Those guys are great. They took the vehicle, filled out the report there, and threw me the keys to another one and there I am, here.”

In Hilton Head with a chance to contend through all of that? Quite a resounding endorsement.