Chalmers' opportunity for a rare feat


With his playoff win in the Australian PGA Championship on Sunday, Aussie left-hander Greg Chalmers has an opportunity to pull off a rare feat.

Having won the Australian Open and the Coolum event, Chalmers has a chance to claim the Oz triple crown next month. If he wins the JBWere Masters, he will have won the three biggest events on the continent. 

Since the Masters was first played in 1979, only one player has prevailed in all three events - Robert Allenby, one of Chalmers' playoff opponents at the Hyatt Regency on Sunday. Allenby took them all in 2005.

Chalmers is uncertain if he will be in the Australian Masters on Dec. 15.

“To be brutally honest, I have played 31 or 32 events this year and I'm tired. We don't dig coal for a living. It's certainly not something that needs physical strength, it's just a decision I don't want to make right now,” he said, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Allenby said he encouraged Chalmers to pursue to last leg of 3-event jaunt.

He said, 'Obviously [Greg] had a great result in the Australian Open and now at the PGA, so I told him he needs to come down for the Masters to see 'if you can get the triple crown.''