Chamblee points out flaws in McIlroy's swing


World No. 1 Rory McIlroy has a swing lauded for its beauty, tempo and power. It is not perfect, however, according to Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee.

'Nobody on the PGA Tour misses it left more often than Rory McIlroy,' Chamblee said Thursday on “Golf Central”.

Analyzing McIlroy's swing, Chamblee noted McIlroy is susceptible to shifting his weight too much, for too long on his back foot.

'Watch the inside part of his right foot,' Chamblee explained. 'The sole of the shoe comes off the ground. His foot it actually buckling to the outside. That makes it very difficult to get into the shot.'

If McIlroy shifts his weight and settles the back foot too late into the downswing, Chamblee explained, McIlroy can hook the ball.

McIlroy shot 2-over 74 in the opening round of the BMW PGA Championship and is on his way to missing his second consecutive cut.