Classic course leads to strange occurrence at Canadian Open


The strangest thing I've heard of in quite some time is going on at the RBC Canadian Open this week. Normally players tee off the 1st and 10th tees on Thursday and Friday. At St. George's the players are off the 1st and 9th tees. Logistically 9 just works better than 10.

Keep in mind that St. George's opened for play in 1929; obviously there was no way to contemplate what a PGA Tour event might look like 80 years down the road.

I'm a huge fan of golf courses built in the early 1900's and I feel strongly that professional golf at the highest levels should make the necessary accommodations to bring events to these treasures. It's a chance for players and fans alike to see where we have been with our game and better appreciate where we are. Getting out of normal routines a few weeks a year is a small price to pay for the privilege of getting a history lesson.