Contract talks contract squawks


Albert Pujols and the Cardinals – 10 years 300 million. Carmelo Anthony and the Nuggets. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the players union. Contract talks, contract squawks.

Is there anything else we can talk about?

In golf, there is no 10-year deal. A win gets you two years but for most it's year-to-year. Even golf's version of Pujols starts January at zero dollars.

Golfers are gamblers guaranteed nothing. The beauty of the sport is that the carrot dangles in front of D.A. Points just as it does Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson.

There is no 'negotiation' for a spot on the money list, and there is no 'free agency' to set a player's 'market value.'

What I like most is that it's not what someone's willing to pay – it's all about what you're able to earn.