Discussion: Hot Topics


GolfChannel.com is your website for the best news, commentary and discussion in the game – and we want YOU to be heard. As the website nears the completion of its all-new discussion boards, the team will pose weekly topics for readers to opine and debate. If you would like to contribute a topic for discussion, post to this article and we will choose the best ones to add to the discussions below.  If your topic is selected for discussion, we will give credit where credit is due!

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Here are this week’s topics for the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. The forum is yours:

*Discussion: Who – not named Tiger – is a player to keep an eye on this week at Firestone? (Join now >)

*Discussion: Whom should Woods hire as his full-time caddie? (Join now >)

*Discussion: With whom would you like to see Woods paired over the first two rounds? (Join now >)

*Discussion: Of the 10 major champions in the Reno-Tahoe field, including John Daly and David Duval, which has the best chance to win? (Join now >)

*Discussion: Will Tiger Woods win, contend, be an also-ran or not even finish this week at Firestone? (Join now >)

*Discussion: Will Bryon Bell have a positive, negative or no impact as caddie for Woods? (Join now >)

*Discussion: How will Rory McIlroy be received by American fans this week following his Twitter controversy in Ireland? (Join now >)

*Discussion:  Are Tiger’s biggest hurdles in his quest to return to form mental or physical?  (Join now >)

*Discussion: Based on current standings, who would you choose as U.S. Presidents Cup captain's picks?  (Join now >)