Dont forget about Jason and Jeff


This week it’s Tiger and Phil, last week it was Jason and Jeff. You know, Bohn, Overton. Did you forget them already?

Did you watch? The PGA Tour had a guy in New Orleans that hit as good a shot at 18 as Phil or Tiger could’ve delivered, showed at least as much real emotion and while sleeping on the lead and near Bourbon Street for four days, honestly answered every media question along the way in great detail. He hid nothing and dealt with pressure that, to him, had to feel like a major. Well done.

Actually, I hope the LPGA was watching. During a week off, they once again lost their one-player version of Tiger and Phil to retirement. And, if you ask me, they could do a whole lot worse than hiring a private investigator and seeing out as many Jason Bohn types as they can find.

Star power taking a week off, or a career off? See the carrot, grab the carrot.