Early voting popular among PGA Tour players


LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – Predictably absent from the Walt Disney World practice tee were the ubiquitous “I voted” stickers that blanket almost every corner of American life on election day.

“We’re not running off the range to go vote,” laughed Patrick Sheehan, one of the dozen or so central Florida-based players who could vote today, but like most of his frat brothers, he cast his ballot early.

“We voted last week, and it took, honestly, about eight minutes,” said David Mathis, a North Carolina resident. “It was easy. I’m glad I did.”

Tour players from across the nation took advantage of early voting opportunities in large numbers, at least if GTC’s informal “exit polling” was any indication. As for which side of the political divide the play-for-pay set would vote, one Tour player figured, ”every guy out here is a Republican until they miss a cut, and then they become a Democrat.”