Feherty hoping old Tiger returns


David Feherty believes the public squabbling among Tiger Woods' current and former instructors about the world No. 8 has affected him to the detriment of the sport.

'This latest round of Tiger bashing has left him even more remote and distant from the rest of us,' Feherty said Monday on 'Morning Drive.'

He added, 'Everyone has an opinion about what he should do, what he shouldn't do.'

Last week, current teacher Sean Foley said in an interview with SiriusXM he believes the media bashing of Woods should stop. Then Butch Harmon spoke out about Foley and former coach Hank Haney to The Wall Street Journal.

Haney's memoir of his six years with Woods was released last month. Feherty agreed with Harmon in his criticism of Haney's book.

'The fact that Hank wrote the book - I wouldn't have written the book. I just don't think it has any class to it at all,' Feherty said.

If Feherty had his way, Woods would have ample opportunity to return to the person he once was earlier in his career.

'I'm an unashamed Tiger fan. I miss him. I miss him as a player and the person he was,' he said.