Food wars on the PGA Tour trail


Let the debate begin:

When I played the PGA Tour this was one of my favorite weeks. And as much as I enjoyed the city, the golf course, and the fans, it wasn't one of my favorite weeks for any of those reasons.

You see, I sorta fashion myself as a culinary expert. I'm not talking high-end Julia Child-type culinary stuff. I'm talking more of the Colonel Sanders and Dave Thomas style. For any given week on the PGA Tour I can tell you THE PLACE to dine. It may be that some of those places are dives that you don't want to be seen in, but you will always be happy that you least for an hour or so afterwards.

My views are sometimes controversial. CBS producer Lance Barrow has gone so far as to call me a 'Fake Eater.' Golf Channemeetl's Steve Sands has referred to me as a 'Food Fraud.' What do those guys know anyway? Mr. Barrow has a nearly unlimited network expense account and isn't tied to the economic dining realities of the per diem crowd. And Steve Sands? Well, let's just say he is one of those 'salad types.'

Enough of my rant. Lets get back to this week. The glorious week that has the PGA Tour in Memphis. There is no way around the fact that I am indeed a 'rib man.' And in Memphis there are two outstanding rib joints to chose from. 'Corky's' has two area locations and 'Charles Vergo's Rendezvous' is a downtown landmark. Both serve dry rub Memphis style ribs. Don't expect sauce on these delicacies. Dry rub consists of seasoning salt, garlic, paprika, pepper, and other secret seasonings. It is applied to the meat before they are grilled and the ribs are served up dry. The ribs don't fall off the bone and they aren't supposed to. I've eaten ribs all over the world and this is the best method of preparation. Period. No discussion.

What is up for discussion is which joint is better. Corky's or Rendezvous? Every time I go to Memphis I have to try both. I can never make up my mind which is best. In an effort to break the tie I always try a few other menu items. Corky's has a world-class fried onion ring loaf and Rendezvous has an unbelievable sausage and cheese plate. Still I can't decide. So I'm calling it a draw. For this week only on the PGA Tour, THE PLACE is actually two places.