Furyks take on todays talent


CHASKA, Minn. – Jim Furyk was asked if he was aware of a comment made by Tiger Woods recently where he listed Furyk and Padraig Harrington as the two players that set the best example of dedication and work ethic on the PGA Tour.

Furyk said that although he hadn't heard the statement that he felt it was an extreme compliment coming from Woods. But he then went on the say that he believes most players on Tour know who works hard and who doesn't.

'I look around and I know who works hard,' he said. 'When I see young guys coming up, I know which ones are preparing the best. Camilo (Villegas) comes to mind. He's a grinder, he's tough, he's a guy that's always practiving, always working on his game, always trying to get better.

'There's some guys that I see are lazy that really don't put the effort forth, that it might come really easy for them.'