Garcia: I meant what I said


AUGUSTA, Ga. – Rarely is there a dull moment when dealing with Sergio Garcia.

Following his third-round 75, which essentially threw away all chances of winning the Masters, Garcia was quoted by Spanish press as saying he doesn’t believe he’s good enough to win a major championship.

“After 13 years, I have run out of options,” Garcia said Saturday. “I’m not good enough for the majors. That’s it.”

Garcia played much better Sunday and shot 71. Many believed he was simply upset with his third round and that the emotions of that disappointment were what caused him to say the statements.

Not so, says Garcia.

“Do you think I lie when I talk?” Garcia asked Sunday. “Everything I say, I say because I feel it. If I didn’t mean it, I couldn’t stand here and lie like a lot of the guys do. If I felt I could win, I would do it.”