Glover delivers Lettermans Top 10


The Lucas Glover tour continues. The newly minted U.S. Open champion delivered David Letterman's famed Top 10 list Tuesday night.

Drumroll please: The Top 10 Things Lucas Glover Would Like To Say After Winning The U.S. Open

10. I’d like to thank Tiger Woods for letting someone else win.

9. I started playing golf in March.

8. I forgot my wedge yesterday, so I used a rake.

7. Honestly, I’m just glad to be out of the rain.

6. I had Phil Mickelson in the office pool.

5. Ladies, my last name isn’t “Glover”—it’s “G. Lover.” 

4. I drive for show, I putt for dough.

3. Does anybody have a phone number for that Jon & Kate lady? 

2. If there’s anything more exciting than watching golf, it’s ten lame jokes read by a guy who plays golf.

1. Even I have never heard of me.