Golfers weigh in on royal wedding


I’m going out on a limb and reckoning that if you’re reading this you didn't wake up at 4 a.m. ET to watch coverage of the royal wedding. Surprisingly, many in the golf world did tune in Friday morning to watch the ceremony at Westminster Abby and the procession to Buckingham Palace. Here are a selection of tweets Friday revolving around Catherine and William:

ANNIKA59Annika Sorenstam

Watching the Royal wedding now. Nice to see happy, loving news in the morning - a change from other days.

JasonSobelJason Sobel


The prince and princess met at St. Andrews. Can't believe she picked him over Louis Oosthuizen.

Euro domination continues. After nuptials, Prince William's representative announced he won't compete in The Players Championship, either.


FNobiloFrank Nobilo

For all the talk about how big the Royal Wedding is. Doesn't do it justice. Britain at it's best. 2 billion people watching can't be wrong.


funnycaddyMichael Collins

@FNobilo I think it proves that 2 billion people are send the message, 'there's nothing good on tv.' ;)


KandiMahanKandi Mahan

We had the same reading @ our wedding that Kate and William had... Romans 12:9-21 :):):) lovetheroyalwedding


RealLThompsonLauren Thompson

Amen, Walker.@ScottWalkeronTV: What's better than the royal wedding? Sleep


RexHoggardRex Hoggard

Wife says Kate's dress is 'magical.' #OK


PaulStankowskiPaul Stankowski

After watching this wedding thing, I feel like I want to watch The Open Championship.


kimberlygay1Kimberly Gay

ThePresidential suite watching the wedding. Here is a picture of my Prince @BrianGayPGA our wedding14 yes ago

My how the bridal bouquets have changed! Now Gotta wake up our Family King, @BrianGayPGA for early tee time at the Zurich classic in NOLA.xo


DanHicksNBCDan Hicks

This royal wedding can't be good for families of girls. My 3 girls are grabbing ideas for their own. 10-ft trails, horse&carraige #budget


JMikeMcGee – Mike McGee

@DanHicksNBC that made me laugh out loud!


DanHicksNBC Dan Hicks

best advice yet!“@BrianHammons: @DanHicksNBC Tell your daughters the Elvis Chapel in Vegas is just as nice.”


Graeme_McDowellGraeme McDowell

Just catching the end of the Royal Wedding on CNN over breakfast. Kate looks stunning. Place is buzzing. After party should be fun!


TheSirNickFaldoSir Nick Faldo

Let the public in ..they are singing in tune !!!

Back to real world run drop off..we're late ..princess leaves my carriage wearing...what !


BradFaxonBrad Faxon

Rumor has it play suspended to watch Royal Wedding


IanJamesPoulterIan Poulter

Just watching the royal wedding on CNN it's pretty amazing. Kate is looking great and people are out to support.


WestwoodLee Lee Westwood

68 today. Played well. Now off back to the room to put CNN on and my morning suit! I love a good wedding!