Golfs an itch that has to be scratched


It's really easy – especially sitting here in our state-of-the-art Golf Channel studio – to get caught up in the business of golf. We talk about Tiger and Phil, Michelle and Ernie, The Young Guns, The Old Guys, The Next Big Thing. It’s fun and interesting, but the cameras, bright lights, and hot air distract us from the main reason we are actually here: It’s a love of playing this game that brings us together.

This point was driven home to me on Saturday when I dropped off my oldest kid at the local muni to play golf with his buddies. It was the first real game he had ever arranged on his own. He's gotten to the point that every day after school he begs to play or practice. I was the same way at his age, couldn't get enough of it.

Golf is an itch that's gotta be scratched. So start scratching.