He Said/She Said: The possibilities for 'Feherty'


In a small media gathering in Bill Clinton’s New York office last week, the former President said it was a dream of his to appear on Golf Channel’s ‘Feherty’ show. We don’t know how much pull Mr. President has with Golf Channel execs, but in the meantime, the Golf Guy and ‘Birdie’ Bailey Mosier consider who they want to see featured on the next season of ‘Feherty.’ (Full disclosure from the Golf Guy: We have no earthly idea who will be guests in Season 2 – Golf Channel people go out of their way to keep me in the dark):

By The Golf Guy

Bill Murray – Yes, he starred in the greatest golf movie of all-time, and yes, he plays every year at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am – winning, finally, with D.A. Points this year. But the reason I want to see him on 'Feherty' is the fact that he and his brothers grew up playing, caddying, and hanging out at a golf course – which ultimately led to the greatest golf movie ever. Golf desperately needs a little humor … and he is the perfect choice to inject some. Granted, I would want him to do the entire 'Feherty' episode in Carl Spackler mode.

Kate Beckinsale – I have no other reason other than the fact that she might be the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen. As in, she looks even better than Freddie Couples’ golf swing. Add to that fact that Feherty, a self-admitting stuttering fool at times, would have one hell of time trying to interview her without sounding like a jibbering idiot. What could they possibly chat about? Serendipity on the golf course.

The Golf  Guy – Yes, me. Mr. Anonymous. And yes, I would have to wear a brown paper bag over my head to keep the illusion going, but that’s certainly OK by me (and trust me, certainly OK by you). Why me? Because A) I'm the Golf Guy; and B) because I would demand the entire episode to be filmed – on location – at Augusta National. On the course. With clubs in my hand. Me and Feherty mano-a-mano around Amen Corner. You'd tune in to watch that, right?

Colin Montgomerie – It seems as if many people have decided to take a side of the fence when it comes to Mr. Montgomerie. And that’s a shame. Monty is simply one of the greatest players/interviewees of the past … hell … ever! He very much likes his own opinions, is the ultimate protagonist, and, perhaps most importantly, has this spellbinding way of moving his lips when talking. I’m literally fascinated with watching his mouth when he is holding court. He's up there with Whitney Houston and Alan Alda in the 'Great Lip Movers' department.

By 'Birdie' Bailey Mosier

Bill Clinton – Give the man what he wants. He did run our nation for eight years, after all, during which time the U.S. saw its longest economic expansion in American history, 22 million jobs were created, he cut government spending and paid off $360 billion of the national debt among a bevy of other things. He’s a golf nut and has teamed with Kentucky-based health care provider Humana to become the title sponsor of the PGA Tour event in January formerly known as the Bob Hope Classic. Besides, there's one question we’re all dying to know from Mr. President … is it boxers or briefs?

Johnny Depp – Think about it: both Depp and Feherty are quirky, a bit aloof and they even look alike. I think they could banter back and forth in hilarious fashion and ultimately, begin the makings of a beautiful friendship. Maybe they'd like each other so much they could work together in the future. Think about it, could David Feherty be Captain Jack Sparrow's long lost brother in the next 'Pirates of the Caribbean' sequel? This pick is completely selfless, of course, because I know how much the American public wants an inside look at the depths of Depp. And if it just so happens I volunteer to work a camera for this shoot, and get to meet Johnny Depp, then so be it. Just one of those occupational hazards, I suppose.

Natalie Portman – Girls and guys alike can agree with me on this pick. Portman is gorgeous, talented and is the girl-next-door everyone wants to be friends with. She's gracious and graceful and would light up the 'Feherty' set. Does she golf? I don’t know … does it matter?

Mark Zuckerberg – The man co-created Facebook, was named Time magazine's Person of the Year in 2010 and as of 2011, his personal wealth was estimated to be $17.5 billion. Is Zuckerberg the next Bill Gates? Or something bigger and better? At 27 years old, there’s no telling what his future holds, but if he’s anything like his character in ‘The Social Network,’ a little sarcasm and sass could make for a great interviewee on 'Feherty.'