I dropped the ball


On Golf Central after the first round of the Zurich Classic I made a mistake. We had video of Sergio Garcia reacting angrily after hitting a horrible shot. He is not in a good place with his game right now and is struggling to turn it around. Because covering up emotion is not the strong suit of his personality we are seeing some of the anger boil over the edge of the cauldron.

His reaction included throwing a club with a good bit of velocity into the bushes. While very few people that have played this game for a living (including myself) are without sin in this area of self control, there really is no excuse for it. I have been critical of Tiger Woods' actions in respect to language and club banging. My argument has been that as a father of two young boys who play the game I would not put up with similar behavior from them on the golf course, so I don't expect to see it from the players they look up to and copy.

I gave Sergio a pass in letting his club-throwing go without critical comment and that was wrong. As an analyst I should be fair in my remarks and apply the same standards to all players. Everyone that has ever picked up a club knows that golf can be a dispiriting sport. It is certainly be love-hate game. But even though we have all wanted to strangle the living daylights out of every club in the bag, we owe it to the game to restrain our anger as best as possible.

Remember, little eyes are watching.