Inkster's dual Solheim role taking shape


After the 2009 Solheim Cup victory in Illinois, Juli Inkster thought that she was done playing in the matches. And like 'The Godfather III,' just when Inkster thought she was out, she was pulled back into it.

Inkster qualified ninth for the American team on points to become the oldest player to make any American squad – male or female. At 51, Inkster is doubling up as a player and assistant captain heading to Killeen Castle in two weeks.

The Michael Corleone of the American team is adjusting well to the role, she says.

“I’ve kind of gone this last year and a half thinking I wasn’t going to be playing and all of a sudden I am playing,” Inkster said Thursday.

In addition to her duties as a player, she’ll be helping team members with inquiries about media, pairings, times – the logistical kind of stuff that an assistant captain handles. Inkster anticipates that she won’t be giving a whole lot of advice on how to approach the week, though.

“You don’t have a lot of free time so you’ve got to get your rest.  They know how to handle that.  I’m just there to just make sure that everything kind of runs smooth,” she explained.

Though it’s ultimately up to the captains to determine who plays with who and in what order, Inkster says her teammates will not be shy in voicing their opinions.

“With this team, they tell you exactly what they want to do. But that’s a good thing about being an assistant captain, you can just say uh-huh,” she said.