Iowa man wins lottery, buys golf course


An Iowa man hit the state lottery six months ago. Then, his club did, too.

Wally Markham, 65, won the Iowa Lottery in November, netting $3.5 million after taxes. Markham invested his new millions before deciding to use other savings to buy his golf club, La Porte City Country Club, according to the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier.

'It happened to be the golf course was in financial straits,' he said Wednesday on 'Morning Drive', 'so I decided to buy it and try to help them out a little bit and the community of La Porte.'

Markham had considered the investment some 10-15 years ago, but had let it go. This year, however, the club was in financial peril.

'I didn't even know if they were going to make it through the whole year this year,' Markham said.

The purchase closed last month, allowing Markham to immediately embark on some needed refurbishments to the club. He paved the cart paths and improved the clubhouse with a barbecue and heat pumps.

'I have a lot of new members now, a lot of people coming back to play,' he said.

He even performs upkeep on the club, which perhaps comes naturally given his background. Markham recently retired following 36 years at John Deere. He mowed greens and did other landscaping, leasing John Deere vehicles to complete the work.

'It's just a nice place,' Markham said to the paper. 'The city of La Porte should be happy with what they've got. The only reason I bought it was for them. They have a lot of people that like to play golf.'