Japan PGA resigns en masse after link to organized crime


And we thought the PGA of America made a bold move in opposing the anchoring ban.

News out of Japan Wednesday was that all 91 representatives of its Professional Golfers Association will resign en masse after two executives played golf and socialized with the head of an organized crime group.

That’s right, earlier this year, the Japan PGA’s then-vice chairman and then-board director were found to be rubbing elbows with the head of a yakuza organized crime group in the southern island of Kyushu, according to a report from the Jiji Press news agency (and later picked up by the AFP).  Such activities are prohibited by the PGA, and the two execs were booted in October. 

So, why must all 91 representatives – a figure which includes the chairman, four vice chairmen and some 20 board directors – all resign at the same time? Reportedly, to restore public trust in the PGA.

Beware, Mike Davis and Ted Bishop – the precedent has been set.