Just an interclub match


WINDERMERE, Fla. – The Tavistock Cup is a PGA Tour -sanctioned event but it’s a far cry from the tournaments held each week on the Tour. From your arrival to the course to the way you follow the action there is a distinct difference between the neighborhood brawl and the other tournaments where you find world-class golfers.

For starters there is no traffic. There aren’t lines to park. And once you walk in you don’t go through the hassle of security checkpoints. But that’s just the beginning of the differences you’ll see as a spectator of the event.

It’s such a unique atmosphere because it’s a merger of two communities, two neighborhoods, that have come out to cheer on its own members. It’s a rivalry and you must wear either a red shirt to show support of Isleworth or a blue one for Lake Nona. And the effect it radiates promotes a sense of friendly team competition.

There aren’t masses of people blocking your vantage point of the action. And to make it even better, you can walk the fairways with the players inside the ropes, because ropes don’t exist. It’s more like going to your local club and following a member-member tournament except that these 20 players can really play. And, not every member-member tournament has a TV crew televising the day. And there was even a blimp there to document the occasion.

And you never know who you’ll see following the action. Today walking 18 as a spectator of the final group was a red clad Paula Creamer blending right in with the rest of the neighborhood crew. Ok, maybe she didn’t exactly blend in. She was dressed with bright red soft spikes, a red golf skort, a Solheim Cup hat and a ribbon in her hair supporting the home team at the backyard brawl.