Just killin time


Not much going on at Golf Channel right now. It's not like we are in the midst of the biggest story to hit golf since....well, no place to go with the rest of that sentence.

Yep. Just a lot of sitting around. It's not like all of us announcers are scrambling around doing interviews for other TV and radio channels when we aren't getting ready for or doing our own shows. None of that happening here.

And since it's such a slow news period I'm going to figure out a way to pass the time creatively. Kraig Kann thinks he ties the best knot in television. I'm not a big fan of his knot. It looks funny when you view it from the side, but I guess he isn't aware of the side angle issue so he's real proud of it. I'm going to get him to show me how to tie it by telling him how much I like it. I'll keep messing it up on purpose until he takes pity on me. Eventually he'll actually tie it for me. That's when I'll ask if he thinks it looks funny from the side. Look for Kraig Kann to be using a different tie knot next week.

That's right, things are pretty calm here. It's not like all the producers and their minions are running around crazy trying to catch up on breaking news or anything. It's not like the Big Bosses are roaming the halls looking for people to yell at. That's why I stay in the back room where they keep all of us announcer types together. Not even the Big Bosses venture back into to the bowels of the announcer section.

Apparently, they don't like 'hangin' with the crazies.' I'm getting bored again. That's right, still nothing going on at Golf Channel. No activity here. I'll head over to visit Kelly Tilghman at her cubicle. She's from South Carolina just like me. I'll get her to go all native and start speaking in South Carolinian. Just a mention of 'sweat tea' or 'boiled peanuts' and she'll break into a fill blown nostalgic tizzy fit. After Kelly sends me away, which won't take long, I'll head back to my cubicle for a nap. Maybe something big will happen soon. I could always pull the fire alarm. Wait, it looks like someone already did that!